It is out of the ordinary to come across a Shiny Pokémon in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. In fact, it is rarer to come across two Shiny Pokémons consecutively and that too in the same battle! It is beyond your imagination how uncommon it is. With that being said, it has actually happened with one of the Twitch streamers while he never imagined that.

The Twitch streamer, Mitchell “MitchOG” Versari, was in search of a grass starter, the Shiny Turtwig, in Pokémon BDSP. While he was streaming on Twitch for his viewers, he rebooted the game multiple times, over and over again, in order for the sparkling colour variant to come into sight. Well, finally, when MitchOG restarted the game for the 107th time, it did appear, with Shiny Starly manifesting itself in the battle alongside it.

For your information, all of the players have a one in 4,096 chance of their starter Pokémon, when first appearing, emerging as the Shiny one. It is indeed very rare. But it is even rarer that both the starter as well as the first Pokémon it comes in battle with are Shiny. The chances of it happening are only one in 16,777,216.

This is mind-boggling, isn’t it? The same was the reaction of MitchOG when he found out that this had really happened. In fact, he fell out of his chair in excitement, uttering, “Merry Fucking Christmas Boys!”

Even though there are no special traits possessed by the Shiny Pokémon, except for their momentous rarity and scintillating appearance, it is still not so uncommon for certain dedicated players to wait for a Shiny to appear prior to starting a new Pokémon game wholeheartedly and zealously. However, it is unprecedented and inconceivable to witness a double-Shiny encounter during the initial stages of the game.

In conversation with Kotaku, MitchOG said that he was surprised to witness the two Shiny Pokémons back to back. He stated that “It wasn’t until later that night after the stream that I realised I’ve never seen this happen before. I started looking for others online that have found both the uncatchable shiny Starly and a shiny starter Pokémon at the same time, but I couldn’t find anything.” This clearly indicates how rare it is to find the shiny Starly and shiny starter Pokémon consecutively at the same time!

It was not until MitchOG’s latest Challenge Run, where he faced an incredibly difficult task to beat Pokémon BDSP by making use of only a team of the first six Shiny Pokémon, that he was able to discover. Before that, a playthrough was streamed by him where, by making use of only Bidoof, he was able to beat the whole game! Continuing, in the current Pokédox of the series, MitchOG is trying to capture one of each of the Shiny Pokémon. There are more than 800 of these, and according to him, he is almost halfway there.

For the time being, he has been able to achieve something even rarer. MitchOG stated that “Safe to say I can retire from shiny hunting as the rest of my life’s luck was used yesterday.”