Animal Crossings: New Horizons hasn’t received a new update since March 2021, during the Super Mario 35th Anniversary Event. But that’s about to change, as Nintendo has announced the release of the Happy Home Paradise DLC on November 5. This paid DLC is so significant that players who had abandoned the game are returning, enthused about the new decor, increased storage, and other features.

Nintendo only slowly released updates for ‘New Horizons’ after the game was released in March 2020. Many fans were dismayed by the slow speed of these improvements and new material, and as a result, many abandoned the game and, by extension, their islands. Imagine all the weeds that must have blossomed since then.

Fans are also anticipating the return of a few old favorites, as Happy Home Paradise incorporates aspects from past Animal Crossing games. Pocket Camp camper vans and Brewster’s coffee shop, The Roost, are among the participants.

With the announcement that November’s free patch will be the final one, as well as the release of the Happy Home Paradise extension, now may be the perfect moment to try out Nintendo’s fun filled sim.

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