LivStixs, a famous Twitch streamer, has been banned indefinitely for her third breach of the Twitch community guidelines.

Many Twitch streamers will go to great lengths to stand out from the crowd and establish a following. While this has proven to be helpful for some, it has frequently backfired on the content creator, resulting in them being suspended from Twitch for violating community rules.

For example, LivStixs, a Twitch streamer, recently revealed on Twitter that she had been banned indefinitely after four years on the network. Twitch banned LivStixs for broadcasting with unsuitable clothing on Twitch, according to a screenshot of Twitch’s email provided on Twitter by LivStixs.

Twitch further stated that the firm has evaluated her appeal and will continue to refuse it due to her persistent violations of the Terms of Service. Finally, Twitch stated that it does not un-suspend accounts for this level of abuse and that it reserves the right to suspend accounts without warning.

LivStixs provided photographs of her banned clothing, which is a combo of shorts and a cherry-patterned shirt, in another tweet. Other Twitter users agreed that the clothing is promiscuous, but that it isn’t revealing enough to warrant a ban. Izzy G, another female Twitch streamer, remarked that it was most likely due to the shorts being too tiny. Izzy likened this situation to when she was streaming herself working out and received a 24-hour suspension for displaying a touch too much underwear.

Despite the fact that this is LivStixs’ third ban, many people believe that an indefinite ban is too harsh. Furthermore, many people likened LivStixs’ clothing to what other female streamers, such as Amouranth, wear during their streams. LivStixs even made a comparison to Amouranth, who has been banned from Twitch five times for breaking similar rules but is always let back on the network.

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Update: It appears that the ban didn’t last long and she has been unbanned.