The announcement of Ubisoft Quartz has caused a stir in the digital gaming community. This is because it represents a new direction for AAA-marketed games, including non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Ubisoft is the first major publisher to foray into this new territory, and it will be interesting to see how other companies follow suit.

In an effort to make in-game purchases more accessible and creative, Ubisoft has launched Quartz. With this new program, players can purchase various weapons, vehicles or cosmetic items with cryptocurrency directly from their accounts without having them expire after 24 hours as traditional currencies do.

The new game from Ubisoft will be available on December 9th, and it’s called Quartz. This puzzle adventure takes place in the future where energy is scarce, so they’re using Tezos as their currency, which is efficient. This new addition will be three free drops for those who sign up through the company app and play within the first few weeks of launch!

With the introduction of “Digits,” players will be able to dictate how their in-game items are customized. This is an interesting idea as Ubisoft has not revealed these customizations and gear look like. However, it seems they’ll have serial numbers attached so that each digit can get easily recognizable by anyone else looking at them (using one example -an extremely grimdark mask).

The first three Digits from Ubisoft’s upcoming app, which is scheduled to release on December 9th and 15th (dis), require only one sign-up. Connecting supported crypto wallet Ubimc Sao Paulo in their example graphics prove this point as they show two Kukai and Temple logos respectively at the bottom right corner with no other text or icons present between these logos; thus making it easy for people who want access but don’t have any idea what cryptocurrency might be all about!

The company has announced plans to release new functionalities for their existing products by adding blockchain technology. This will allow players more control than ever before, as they are able to trade NFTs outside of the Ubisoft ecosystem or sell them on popular platforms like Steam marketplace items that exist within its platform. Previously, these games were only available through playing in-game content that had restrictions against accessing other stores/platforms (e..g., CS: GO skins).

The Tezos cryptocurrency has been partnered with Ubisoft to release new gaming apps. This partnership was announced at the Games Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco this year, where it became clear just how NFTs work and their ability as an investment option for gamers around the world. NFTs are a digital currency that allows people to exchange ownership of traditional assets in virtual worlds.

But the company’s ass says they’re “because” this tracker on the blockchain can make anything valuable based on who owned it before – even if those owners were just stock photos or other random crap! All but admitting NFTs themselves don’t have any functional value outside vague promises for an Ethereum metaverse coming soon…and being defined entirely by false scarcities (which makes them both more embarrassing and sad).

The latest move by Ubisoft to sell unwanted game content using non-fungible tokens has been criticized on Twitter, and for a good reason. This is tremendously dumb shit that deserves ridicule at every turn!